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 Frequently Asked Questions

Do big tyres go round corners?
Of course they do! This is a myth spread by people who have not ridden a large tyred bike.

Will a big tyre spoil the handling?
No, but it will change the characteristics and normally takes 20 to 30 miles of riding to get used to.

Do big front tyres work?
Personally I think a 160 is about the best but the 200 on the front of my V-Rod isn't bad and Simon Harris says that his 280/300 front tyre bikes handle fine.

What is the finish on wheels?
They are polished and must be maintained by washing and drying if they have been subject to rain or adverse conditions. A coat of WD40, or other such product is recommended if they are to be stored for long periods.

What is the biggest tyre to fit in the standard V-Max arm?
A 190 50 x 17.

What is the biggest tyre to fit in the standard V-Rod arm?
A 240 with the standard belt or a 250/260 with a narrow belt.

Do the upside down forks for the V-Max need re-springing and damping?
No, most Superbike forks use the same spring rates as a V-Max but if you are 18 stone or more you may benefit from a set of progressive springs and heavier oil.

Are the parts available off-the-shelf?
The parts are made (TaylorMade) to order, or assembled to order, so please ask for delivery times when ordering.