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 TaylorMade Performance Engineering Ltd

Company Profile

Steve Taylor - owner ot TaylorMade Performance EngineeringTaylorMade Performance Engineering Ltd is a small family-run company, set up by Steve Taylor in the year 2000. It specialises in high quality big-wheel conversions and is recognised worldwide.

Steve has been producing wheels since 1995 and the business was set up due to the fact that wheels were not available in the widths that Steve wanted, the widest wheel for the V-Max at that time was just 4.5 x 17 from PDQ or Exactrep. The first TaylorMade rear wheel for the V-Max was 5.75 wide and the second 6.75.

TaylorMade wheels are at the forefront of the big wheel movement, producing wheels for many show winning 'specials' and display wheels for Metzeler at: 240 and 280, and Avon at: 250, 300, 330 and the new 20" and 23" diameters.

The list of firsts includes:

  • 1st 240 & 250 V-Rod in the UK
  • 1st 240 & 250 V-Max in the UK
  • 1st 280 V-Max in the World
  • 1st 300 V-Rod in the World
  • 1st 330 V-Rod in the World
  • 1st 330 V-Max in the UK
  • 1st 360 Harley in the UK
  • 1st 360 V-Max in the UK

TaylorMade have a very good relationship with Cooper Avon Tyres and normally produce wheels for new sizes before they are available to the general public.

The company also produces/supplies the parts necessary to fit these monster tyres to your bikes.